Vengeance Prospect AAA U16 Tryouts





Message to those that have pre-registered:


Welcome to the 2014 Pittsburgh Vengeance Prospects AAA U16 Tryouts.  We hope that your time spent with us during the tryout is meaningful.  Our tryouts are open to all 98 & 99 birth year players that are seeking a more challenging program.


Please read through all of these introduction documents so you know what to expect for the tryouts and to get a better idea of what we have to offer.


Where you have questions, please feel free to approach one of us at the registration table for answers.  We’ll be straightforward and honest.  We want you to know as much as possible about us in the event that you are offered an opportunity to participate on one of our Pittsburgh Vengeance program teams this coming season.


For the first session, we exchange information and collect commitment fees.  We assign every player an individual tryout code and a black or gold scrimmage vest (goalies will wear black jerseys).  Then we have the staff evaluate the players on-ice so that we can split them up into balanced teams for the Scrimmage Games.


The second session on Sunday, April 13th is to evaluate the goalies.  Then everyone will scrimmage the next two sessions on April 15 and 17.


Assuming you pre-registered, when you arrive at the rink for the first tryout (Wednesday, April 9th), you will need to do the following:


  • Check-in at the table (at the USA rink doors)
  • If you elected the Pay Offline option when you registered, pay your $100 Tryout fee
  • Pay your $350 Commitment Fee
  • Provide player details like Name & Position
  • Receive your Individual Tryout Code, scrimmage vest (to wear over your own jersey) and get your locker assignment


If you did not pre-register and are a Walk-up, you will need to complete a paper Registration form before completing the steps above.


Plan to arrive early so that we have ample time to collect what is needed to participate and to assign each player a Black or Gold Scrimmage Vest (goalies will wear Black Goal Cut Jerseys).


Throughout the Tryout, we will communicate with the players through the Vengeance web site at  We may also email everyone with other details.  Make sure we have a good email address for you that you are checking regularly.

Evaluation, Selection Process & Other Details:


Tryouts are open to all players born 98 and 99 (some 2000’s may try out).  Everyone must pay the $100 Tryout Fee before they can take the ice.  No offers will be made to anyone that hasn’t paid the $350 Commitment Fee.  There are no exceptions.


The first evaluation session is used to get a first look at the players trying out and more importantly to assign the players to one of the planned scrimmage teams enabling the club to create competitively balanced teams.


When checking in, each player will receive a unique Individual Tryout Code.  This is how we will identify the players when posting team assignments or results on the web site.


At the conclusion of first tryout session, please turn in your Scrimmage Vest or Black Jersey (for goalies).


After the first tryout session, the Forwards and Defenseman will be assigned to a Scrimmage Team Color via the Web using your Individual Tryout Code.  Goalies will be assigned to their Scrimmage Team Color after the Sunday Goalie session, again via web announcement.


If there are more players in attendance than roster spots available on the scrimmage teams, some players may be released.  Those players being released and not assigned to a scrimmage team will be able to tryout for any of the Steel City Ice Renegade Midget teams at no added cost.  If this occurs, notification will be via the web site using the players Individual Tryout Code.


Because we are using the web to communicate changes, team assignments and tryout results, please take the time to CHECK THE WEB SITE FREQUENTLY for updates or news regarding the tryouts.


Players that advance past the first tryout session will compete in Scrimmage Games.  It is up to those trying out to attend as many of these games as possible in order to gain as much exposure to the evaluation staff as possible.  They need to see how well you perform in competitive game conditions. 


At the conclusion of your final Scrimmage Game, please turn in your Scrimmage Jersey.  If you know you won’t be back due to another commitment, please remember to turn your jersey in at your last tryout session.


All team assignments and final placement will be posted at using the players Individual Tryout Codes.  Therefor, PLEASE DO NOT LOSE YOUR CODE OR EXCHANGE IT WITH ANYONE ELSE.


In addition to specific team assignments, some players may be placed as alternates.  Additionally, the Jr Staff will be evaluating the players and they may elect to make offers for the Jr Vengeance team from this pool of players.


Once the players are offered a position and posted on the web, players will be required to scan and email ( or FAX (eFax # 412-202-7777) a signed Reply / Commitment form back to the Vengeance.  There will be a deadline.  We will announce that date and time during the tryouts and it will be posted on the web along with the results.


We will have qualified Jr Staff available for all evaluations and the Scrimmage Games.  The evaluators will include a Goalie Instructor, the staff of the AAA U16 team and some from our Jr Vengeance team.  We will have a two-man crew officiating the scrimmages.


When a player accepts an offer, his Commitment check will be deposited.  There are no refunds once the position is accepted.

If you are not made an offer or if you decline the offer made, your Commitment check will be passed on to the Steel City Ice Renegades so that you may continue trying out there at no added cost.  Or, if you know that you are not trying out for the Steel City Ice Renegades, you can make a request to have your Commitment check destroyed and not passed on to the Ice Renegades.




Miscellaneous Note:


Accepting a position on our Vengeance Prospects AAA U16 team will not preclude you from making our Jr A team.  In the past, players that accepted AAA U16 offers went on to make the cut for our Jr A team.  The first PRE-DRAFT tryout for that team is April 26th.  We will follow that up with our NA3HL Draft in early June and a FINAL Camp in late July or early August.


Thanks and good luck to everyone competing.  We wish you all a successful tryout.