Vengeance Announce PRE-DRAFT CAMP

Pittsburgh prepares for their upcoming pre-draft skate at Harmar Blade Runners Ice Complex on April 26th and 27th.

"This camp is designed specifically with the local player in mind and it gives them a chance to come out to earn a spot on our team.  There will be players signed and drafted from this camp and that is why we are holding it this early in the season," said Coach Dorsey.  "We need to build up our local base again and that is the staff’s goal," added Dorsey.

Pittsburgh will also be taking a team to the Chowder Cup in Boston in mid-July, so there is a good chance a significant amount of these kids will have a chance to play on that team. "We will have some veterans there and some young guys that we will be looking at for the future," stated Dorsey.

We’ll also have some out-of-town players attending that have already shown interest in the program.  We’re looking for a competitive base to keep the tempo up for those that attend.  If you think you fit that description, you can register HERE.

If there any questions or concerns you can email Coach Dorsey at