U16 Free Skate well Represented by Area Players

The Vengeance held their 1st of two Free Skates for their planned U16 AAA team for next season.  On Wednesday night (Mar 18), the players filed into the Blade Runner rink in Harmar rink to Check-in and get their assigned Jersey.  When they hit the ice, the players were split up onto four color teams to better organize the drills.  On the ice, the pace was fast and the players plentiful.  With more than 70 on the ice, the Staff kept the drills flowing so that everyone was moving along as they made the most of their two hour ice slot.   

In addition to the entire Coaching staff being on the ice, five of the Jr Vengeance skaters and goalies came out to lend a helping hand working the players through the drills.  Even they were impressed with the level of talent.  We also had our Head Scout Dave Hudnall and one of the Jr A Coaches, Ron Valerino watching to see what local players were in the pipeline for them in the next few seasons.

Although the players were not being evaluated, the reports from the coaches afterwards noted that there was a lot of talent out there.

A second FREE Skate session is scheduled for next Wednesday (25th).  If interested, you can still register – HERE. Or, click HERE to see a copy of the handout that was distributed at the FREE Skate in case you didn't pick one up.