Suffolk PAL Upsets Jr B Penguins Taking 4 Points on Penguins Ice!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Suffolk PAL Juniors 4 & Pittsburgh Junior B Penguins – 3

The Penguins took their ice anxious to play two games for the home fans.

The first period of the game was dominated by 'Brains’ Boys' as they fired 20 shots at Suffolk net minder Santiago, but he was equal to the task by only giving up 1 goal in the first to Brett (Berardinelli with the assist).  Suffolk only managed 5 shots in the period, but were able to put one past Penguins Goalie, Mortland (Tirelli from Martinez) at the 19:44 mark of the period.

In the second period of play, thePenguins were able to put two more behind Santiago.  This time it was Chiala from Susi at the 11:45 mark and Parise from Pawlowski at 18:40 of the period.

The final period of play was dominated by the stellar play of Suffolk Net minder, Santiago as he kept the high scoring Penguins off the board.  Suffolk was not satisfied just watching their goalie make save after save, they took matters into their own hands and went to work scoring 3 goals in the final period.  Goals were scored at 9:06 Iaia (from Kesler), 16:57 Russo (from Tumolo and Iaia) and Iaia unassisted.

Total shots for the game – Penguins 46 & Suffolk 25