Somma Making Noise

Sergio Somma (an 87) formerly with our Jr Penguins has since moved on to make a lot of noise in the Deutsche Eishockey League (Germany).

Sergio left the Jr Penguins Empire Jr B team after two seasons at age 17 for the EJHL and Capital District.  After patiently working his way to the top line and eventually their All-Star line up, he moved on to the Green Bay Gamblers in the USHL where he earned an NCAA DI scholarship to Ohio State.  After a brief stint with the Chicago Wolves in the AHL, today Sergio puts on a show routinely on Game Nights with the Augsburger Panther. 

You can see Sergio engaging in some fast and furious hockey in the links below.  He’s a joy to watch and he really gets the crowd fired up.  We’re very all proud of his accomplishments and most importantly having had the opportunity to know him personally.

Click HERE for Somma Stats.