Junior A Pens start strong in home Opener

Junior A Pens sweep a feisty Quad City team 7-2 and 4-3.


Junior A Pens Alternate captain Todd Thomas.

The Junior A Pens came out flying in their home opener against Quad City much to the delight of the local crowd.  \” We started real strong and got a great boost from our crowd.  I am real disappointed in how we played after the first, but I have to give credit to Quad City because they simply outworked us and won every battle after the first period.  The final score (7-2) was no indication of how the game went because after the first it was a 2-1 game.  We took several undisciplined penalties and made numerous mental mistakes that can and will not be tolerated, \” said Coach Dorsey.

Game two on Sunday had similar pattern to the first, when the Pens jumped out to a 3-0 lead and then held on for a 4-3 victory.  \” We were very fortunate to win this game and the difference was the difference especially from our goalie(Collin Lemay) who made a couple keys saves for us.  As a team right now we are undisciplined, soft and lack an identity.  Quad City worked their tails off and deserved a better fate.  If they continue to play like that, they\’ll reap the benefits.  We have too many guys that do not understand their role on this team yet or are not willing to accept it.  The Coaching staff will fix that before it becomes a problem that cannot be corrected, \” added Coach Dorsey. \”

I thought Mikael Lemieux had a excellent weekend, but we expect that from him and his line.  Todd Thomas was solid as always in both ends of the rink and the Persichetti, Winebrenner, Rosendale line played very good.  Charles Gallagher competed hard for us and Michael Kretz was solid on defense, \” said Coach Dorsey.  The Junior A Penguins would like to thank the many fans that attended and the people within the organization that helped in making this a special event.  The Junior A Pens are back at home again next weekend versus the Metro Jets.