Junior A Pens split with Toledo

The Pittsburgh Junior A Penguins continued their trend this past weekend against Toledo with a loss on Saturday and a win on Sunday.  \” We continue to not show up and perform well on Saturday and it is all mental.  We do not tie up guys on face offs, change with intensity, forecheck with desire or play with any passion.  We have too many guys worried about individual stats than team goals and that creates a losing environment.  The best thing about the game of hockey is if you do not do the little things as a team you do not get rewarded, \” said Coach Dorsey. \”  We have some guys worried about next year already and they are not even performing well this year.  That is why it disgusts me to see guys like Kumpf (Ryan Kumpfmiller) and Fins (Shamus Finnerty) busting their tails for the team and most of the guys are playing for themselves.  Hockey is the ultimate team sport and right now we have too many individuals thinking only about themselves, \” added Coach Dorsey.  The Junior A Pens play at home this weekend against the Flint Generals.