Pittsburgh Jr Penguins 8 – Jersey Wildcats 1

The New Jersey Wildcats rolled in to Blade Runners for two games against your Pittsburgh Junior Penguins.  The Pens, anxious to put on a show for the home crowd, did not disappoint.

The Jr B Penguins dominated the Wildcats from the drop of the puck!  The first period featured only one goal from either team as Junior Penguin Berardinelli received a pass from Kennedy and Brett and did what he normally does when he has the puck on his stick, he deposited it into the back of Wildcat Net Keeper Semborski's cage.

The second frame was once again all Penguins as the offense tallied 3 more goals. The most impressive statistic for this period came from the Pens 'Smothering'  Defense as they held Jersey to only 1 shot!

Penguinsgot scoring from Hovanec (from Homitz), McNulty (from Grandinetti and Leonelli) and Hovanec again (from Parise and Berardinelli).

The third period proved to be more of the same from 'Brian’s Boys.'  This time they 'unleashed the rubber' on Wildcats Gaetjens as he replaced Semborski between the pipes.

At 7:03 Kennedy made a beautiful play on the puck and took it 'end to end', putting it past Gaetjens.  At 8:59 Pawlowski (standing in his usual spot, right in front of the goalie), took a pass fromKaridis and tapped it past Gaetjens.  Then at 12:37 Chiala found Straub all alone at the point, gave him the puck and watched it fly past Jersey's 'shell shocked' Goaltender.  And finally at the 17:35 mark, Hovanec buried a break-away to put an exclamation point on his hat trick!


Just when it looked likePenguins Goal Keeper Heltion was going to get the shut out, the Pens found themselves trying to kill a 5 on 3 situation for the last 1:10 of the game.
However, at 18:50 Jersey's Mark was able to take the rebound and put one pastHeltion to notch their only goal of the night (from Wizna and Sangalli).

Total shots on goal for the game Jr Penguins 60 &Jersey Wildcats 12