Hovanec is 3HL’s Combat Player of week

Bryan Hovanec joins teammates Berardinelli and Keating as one of the Combat Players of the week across the NA3HL.  See the article posted on the 3HL site HERE.  Bryan is third on the team in points averaging almost a point a game with 31 in 32 games.  That’s no easy task in this league.  Bryan’s improved performance over the last few weeks combined with a few changes to the roster has pushed the team to the 500 mark.  Now they look to make a second half run.

Hovanec is just one of several 94 born players in the Jr Penguins lineup.  With 2/3rds of their team being midget age players (a combination of U16’s & U18’s), they are the youngest team in the League.  While being the youngest has its challenges, there are benefits as well.

Although the hitting gets tougher against the older teams, there are definitely dividends for those that get recognized by the League and the NAHL scouts.  A few of the young Pens have already been called up to practice and play at the next level giving those NAHL teams a real chance to see what these youngsters can do.

With some recent lineup changes, the Pens have defiantly raised the bar.  Next up for the Jr Penguins is Toledo. You can catch all our games on Fast Hockey.